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Agribusiness and Forestry

We develop simulators to help operators obtain better performance in planting and harvesting.

Mining and Construction

Our training devices allow interactivity with every machines and trucks movement.

Port Crane

Training makes perfect, with total safety for both: operators support and loads.

Logistic and Handling

Materials are in motion at all times and simulators allow for the best training for these operations.

About us

STC - Sistemas e Tecnologia originated an outsourcing process from ABC Data and Informática SA and with technical experience acquired since the first simulator protocol TUCANO EMB-312 developed by CTA - Centro Técnico Aeroespacial in 1981. In 1994 STC Sistemas e was created Tecnologia Ltda, located in São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, technological pole of high technology industries, software cluster, defense, aeronautics and space. For several years, STC has focused on developing and maintaining simulators aimed at the aeronautical area, from where its previous knowledge of modeling equations of motion in different systems came from. Thus, it is common to use this technology in different applications of object movements in 2 and 3D with a high degree of realism and technical fidelity. In 2017, a spin-off STARTUP, STC Simulators, was created for the exclusive development of machine simulators for Agribusiness, Forestry, Port and Logistics.

Our Mission

Develop different types of simulators for application through constant improvement in training and improvement of skills of operators and consequently reducing the risk of accidents and costs inherent to the process. minimize air emissions, care about our planet, Seeking to captivate the customer with quality products that meet their real needs, competitive price, and customization of virtual reality with high graphic quality and movements defined by mathematical equations respecting the physics applied to 3D objects.

Welcome to STC Simulators

We develop, maintain and simulator training consulting for different applications for any type of complex machine in customized virtual environments as needed. STC SIMULADORES is located at the NEXUS innovation HUB SJCampos-SP Technological Park - Brazil.


STC develops customized and generic simulators for harvesting sugarcane, corn, soybeans, self-propelled sprays.


For training operators in Harvester, Forwarder, telescopic handler, logloader and cranes. Simulate a log loading and moving.


Mining operations require training in large machinery and trucks, articulate hauler, excavators and dozer.


Excavator, backhoe, crawler tractor, wheel loader, grader, crane and crane simulators.

Port Crane

Unloading of Ships as Containers Portainers (STS), Transtainers (T-RTG), Ore and Grains Unloader (DS), yard movement, such as EV, RS and DR.

Forklift and Handling

Materials need to be moved at all times by equipment such as forklifts, cranes, munk, basket, overhead crane and wheeled cranes.

We develop technology to train the best Operators.

Here training is treated with the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

Our Simulators

Here you will find the best training solution for your operation.

Customized simulators and devices according to your needs.

Jacto Simulatoro


Uniport 4530 Spray Simulator, including cabin, with all simulated windows and virtual world display. Allows the operator to perform all display configuration and preparation for field work. Full operation of bars, repeater, GPS.

Harvester Simulator

Sugar Cane Machine

It allows operators training in sugarcane harvesting, raising and lowering the harrows, positioning the inclination angle, operating the cutting blades, turning, tower positioning, unloading onto a truck during operation.

Harvester Forestry

Log Cut

Generic simulator for operation training in reforestation tree harvesting, allows machine positioning, control of hydraulic arms and head positioning for cutting, cleaning and slicing and stacking.

Forwarder Forestry

Log Movement

It allows the trainee to do positioning exercises, harvesting already cut stems, stacking and loading and unloading in their own bucket or truck. cabin swivel, arm movement. The objects in the scene have their own physics with a high degree of realism and technical fidelity.

Logloader Telescopic

Log Colector

Generic training equipment to improve reforestation tree trunk collection performance in the field. truck loading, posting, unloading, moving logs, turning, lifting and lowering, looting.

Truck Simulator

Mining Dumper Truck

Training with quality and efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to use simulators in their training, such as loading by different types of excavators such as shovel, wheel loader and excavator, unloading in a washing plant, and the way forward.


Yellow Line

We develop excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, crawler tractor and wheeled tractor simulators, motor grader so that construction operators can be trained improving their qualities and practical perfection in different conditions.

Port Crane

Portainer (STS)

Simulators for loading and unloading containers of different types of ships, with data collector, operation information, fault simulation, balance with different configurations, parabola training, bilge operation (covers), floor unloading and TT (terminal truck ).

Port Crane

Transtainer (RTG)

TT (Terminal Truck) unloading operation within the port yard, handling of containers on the floor and trucks outside the port, stacking of containers, repositioning in the yard between blocks and streets, allows the trainee a better perception of the operation and use of the equipment with all security.


Ship Unloader

Operation grain, coad and ore unloading from the hold of ships is complex and requires training and highly qualified personnel. STC offers operators unloading training tools with material pile ladle, support personnel inside the virtual ship, stacking machines.


Recovery (SR)

Simulator for training ore reclaimers in piles of different heights, in order to remove the same and move it through conveyors to other piles or even ship holds. Training in speed, positioning, constant checking of operating load current, among others.

Port Equipments

Reach Stacker-E. Empty

training port operators in a Reach Stacker type forklift for moving container yards, loading and unloading trucks. and EV Simulator, Empty Container Stacker for Stocking and Stacking. It simulates a collector system, load x weight balance, lateral, transversal and fault movements.



It can be a gas, electric, lateral or transpallet forklift. fork movement, tilt, acceleration and braking. Positioning of cargo on shelves, different streets and heights, different types of pallets with fixed or loose load. truck loading and ground exercises.

Overhead Crane

Cabin or Floor Manual

training operators in overhead crane, with simple cabin with joystick commands or standing with manual control. Moving objects, swinging, accelerating and braking skills, lifting different types of loads. also available with virtual reality glasses.


Munk, basket and on wheels

Tool for training operators in different types of hydraulic arms, such as munk truck, equipment or load positioning. Height basket movement with on-board operator, crane and crane on wheels, simulating balance for different types of loads and towing.

Material Movement

Salt, Sugar, Grain and Fertilize

Simulator for training operators in material handling, stacking at height, loading and unloading material mixing in Mills and Hoppers (mixers), application in salt flats, sugars, grains in general, different ores and inputs such as urea, NPK, ammonia.

I.G. Projection Panels Joysticks

We develop both hardware and our own control software, which does allow controlling multiple monitors, joysticks and panels on different computers and Ethernet network. Every customer need can be met with certain applications and devices.


Since simpler simulators with one or more monitors can present training images and simulation status in real time through our Launcher system.


Depending on the application, projectors are recommended for better interactivity between the operator and the virtual world, thus allowing for a much more realistic training.

Virtual Reality

STC has developed its own API that allows running any of the simulators through virtual reality glasses, thus enabling the customer to choose which one best fits.


For generic simulators we recommend quality of movements through joysticks like Logitech or Thrustmaster, since these have a cost-benefit ratio.


Through our own hardware we can modify customer devices, develop any simulated panel running through our software such as API, CAN-IO or other in real time.

Touch Screen

Touch screen panels are part of equipment such as manifolds and configuration front panels. STC offers them realistically and accurately, and can be run on tablets, or others.

Simulators Cabin

STC Simulators has developed a modular cabin system to suit all types of operation, it is possible to run different software using the same cabin. Just replace the modules or insert, for example, pedals, steering, levers, side panels, joysticks, among others. It can even be used with VR glasses or projection with up to 3 x 50" TV monitors.

Single Basic Cabin

Cabin for different applications, which can be used for training operators in differents skills, simply replacing the USB modules according to the type of simulator required.

PIT Cabin

Cabin allows operator training on different types of simulation software. Perfect ergonomics contributes to training and a simulated environment familiarization .

DME Cabin

This cabin can be used with up to 3 monitors, virtual reality glasses, USB modules, panels, tablets, consoles. Used for complex simulation in a realistic way at an affordable cost.